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2023 Online

1-3 Dec | Multi-language | Multi-timezone

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About the conference

Attention all PyLadies community members! We’re excited to share that we are in the early stages of planning a PyLadies Conference (PyLadiesCon), a transformative event designed to promote diversity, learning, and empowerment within the Python community. 🎉

Save the date! The conference will take place on the first weekend of December, where we’ll gather together for a weekend filled with insightful talks, engaging panels, and collaborative networking opportunities.

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Sophia Yang Photo
Sophia Yang

She is passionate about the data science community and the Python open-source community. She is the author of multiple Python open-source libraries such as condastats, cranlogs, PyPowerUp, intake-stripe, and intake-salesforce.

Jimena Bermúdez Photo
Jimena Bermúdez

Jimena is the esteemed president of Python Spain and a computer engineer who takes pride and joy in her profession. Although she was once drawn to the realms of design, UI, and UX, her true passion lies in coding and architectural design.

Marlene Mhangami Photo
Marlene Mhangami

Marlene is a Zimbabwean software engineer, explorer, and speaker based in the city of Harare. She is a previous director and vice-chair for the Python Software Foundation and is currently serving as the vice-chair of the Association for Computing Machinery practitioner board.

Thais Viana Photo
Thais Viana

Thais is currently leading their Search & Recommendation team. Her active engagement in the tech community, including contributions to PyLadies in Rio de Janeiro and Afropython for more than 6 years, highlights her commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Abigail Mesrenyame Dogbe Photo
Abigail Mesrenyame Dogbe

Abigail Mesrenyame Dogbe is an Open Source Programs Manager, Researcher and Community Builder who believes in the power of Open Source Community Building. Her current research focuses on Improving DEI in Open Source Community Leadership.

Carolina Chavier Photo
Carolina Chavier

Caroline Therwath-Chavier est la fondatrice de The Allyance, entreprise d'expertise sur les sujets de recrutement et de diversité. Caroline est une des seules spécialistes en France du recrutement des ingénieurs dans la tech.

The Speakers

Winnie Ke

Winnie is the Chair of PyCon Taiwan 2023. She is working as a software engineer at Applied Materials

Judit Guimera Busquets
Judit Guimera Busquets


I'm an engineer by heart, graduated as an aeronautical engineer in 2007 at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Barcelona) and went to work as a quality engineer for pressure vessels at Bureau Veritas in the area of Barcelona. Later on, as I wanted to go back to the aviation sector, I went back to study and graduated with a BEng in Air Transportation from City, University of London in 2013

Lisa Marielle Cooper

Lisa Marielle Cooper (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist, disability justice advocate, and community builder. She is a co-organizer of Pyjamas Conf, the laziest 24-hour Python conference in the world, and is one of the co-founders of PyLadies Calgary, Alberta's first Pyladies chapter

Sarah Adigwe
Sarah Adigwe


Sarah Adigwe is a Global Council Member of PyLadies and organizer of a PyLadies chapter in Nigeria, is dedicated to advancing gender diversity in the tech industry. As the Lead for Insight and Data Analytics at Touch and Pay Technologies, she combines her technical expertise with a passion for fostering inclusive environments

and 39 more!

Sarah Huang (Host) Andrea Griffiths (Host) Denny Perez Lidiane Monteiro Lorena Mesa (Host) Tania Allard Cosima Meyer Rossana Suarez Marina Moro López Joeun Park Aparna Soneja Ria Bhatia Bianca Rosa Ana Dulce Padovan Ryllari Costa Sarah Abderemane Bilge Yücel April Mariatta Lynn Root HanaPoulpe Micaela Reyes Cecilia Tivir Jessie Newman Yodra López Mariana Bocoi Pavithra Eswaramoorthy Mariana Oliveira Beatris Mendez Gandica Stefanni Cavaletto Swarooprani Manoor Mona Obedoza Pri Boyano sireesha chavali Maaya Ishida Jessica Temporal Débora Azevedo (Host) Marian Villa Joanna Jablonski

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Join us in shaping this remarkable event that aims to empower women in the Python community and beyond. Your involvement will make a difference and provide invaluable networking opportunities and personal growth.


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